Relief Society Broadcast - A Call For LDS Women To Stand!

It is most always my habit when listening to our various General Conferences, to have my hands on my keyboard taking notes, or to have a notepad in hand. I am a note-taker. For some strange reason, I did not feel compelled to take notes at the recent General Relief Society Broadcast. Instead, I felt a distinct impression - to just listen...

I have spent the last little while scouring the Internet to see if anyone has transcribed the talks yet, but to no avail. Funny, but there are quite a few different LDS blogs that will race, prior to the Church officially releasing the transcripts, to get these out fast! After all, in order to take a man, or a woman "for a word", it is important to have those words perfectly correct.

I had an interesting thought about the Women's Relief Society broadcast of last year, as compared to this year. I am pretty darn sure, if my memory serves me right, that last year - there were many to immediately make available the words of Julie Beck, in particular. Anyway, I have decided that the lack of immediate text from the Relief Society General Broadcast this year, is a good sign.

I decided to spend a little bit of time checking out various LDS blogs, that would normally be discussing Julie Beck's comments, and others who spoke along side of her. Thus far, I have been pleasantly surprised. It looks as though, even those who in the past who have been, shall we say... not real supportive - are OK!

Now I know that I could easily be ahead of myself here, because after all - LDS Leaders have a job to do. Those who have been called of God, are called to declare His truths. Many of these truths are oppositional to the "natural man" in many of us. It just depends on how something strikes us, at a given time in our lives.

Needless to say, I am still awaiting those official transcripts (or women scripture) to be made available, because I was simply blown away, with the powerful Spirit that I personally felt. This carried me throughout the entire Relief Society General Broadcast. I felt a call to stand even taller as an LDS woman! Perhaps it was just me, because I needed to be pushed harder to do good and to be better. But, it wasn't a guilt talk - like those in the past, where I just didn't measure up, even with a pep talk. This year's General Women's Broadcast felt different - important. I look forward to getting those transcripts and really digging into them.


The Truth About Same-Sex Marriage, Equal Rights And Our Children

"On the issue of same-sex marriage in California, it is one that many are still seriously considering their position on - before they cast their vote on Prop. 8 in November; which would amend the state Constitution to only recognize marriage between a man and a woman. Before making that final decision though, here are some important concerns that you will want to consider..."

I just published the complete article, "The Truth About Same-Sex Marriage, Equal Rights and Your Children", over on Hubpages. I hope that you will take the time to read it in full, and add your support in some way; a thumbs-up, comment or even share with others.

This is the third article that I have published on in regard to the same-sex marriage issue in California. I feel so compelled to speak up, and write that which as an LDS women, I am passionate about. At the same time, I realize that the topic in general, is very sensitive; regardless of which side of the fence you sit. It is so easy to offend without even trying, so I tend to go over what I write numerous times before I finally publish.

This article on same-sex marriage took me a full week of writing and tweaking before I was ready to put it out there. I even e-mailed it to a few close friends and asked them to read it, give suggestions and even help with some editing. I'm so thankful for helpful and honest friends:-)

I am most grateful, for the inspired direction and words that we as members receive from Living Prophets. Many believe that members of the LDS Church cannot think for themselves, therefore we need our leaders to tell us how to act. This could not be further from the truth.

Those of us who choose to follow Living Prophets, do so because we are sure that the counsel they give, is what the Lord would have us do. Not only that, it is what they would have us speak in a world filled with distortions.

My love for truth, is that no one has to convince me of what is right - it just is, and I know it!


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