Intolerance - The New Definition Of "BAD" Is Good!

Freedom of speech is a sacred right, and privilege. We grant that right to each other. No one has the right in "MY" country, according to the Constitution of the United States of America - to take that right away from another person. For a select few, they don't seem to get this concept.

Meaning, that the majority of "The People" DO get that you can have an opinion about anything, and without fear - express that opinion to whomever and wherever you so choose. If you're passionate about your position, you may even attempt to persuade others through various means of communication.

Bottom line - it's our independent opinion's collectively gathered, that generally govern this Land. But voices must be heard from all of our citizens, in order to gather and unite that which we value in mainstream society. This is a system, that was enacted by a moral society. If the general population were not of a "moral" nature - this could never work; and what many are attempting to proclaim could be a concern. But, it is not.

The "majority" of Americans support maintaining the traditional definition of marriage. A minority of very loud advocates for same-sex marriage, are now taking that opinion and right to believe- and are now attempting to define it as hate speech. They want to take it personally. They want to be offended and hurt. They feel that if they can make the majority the bad guy, that enough of the majority will cave. Some are.

They want to make US be seen as BAD people for having an opinion that is contrary to what they WANT!

They especially enjoy using mainstream media to support their positions. No doubt that a certain judge in the recent Miss America Pageant was hoping to do just that, when he asked in particular "Miss California" Carrie Prejean - her thoughts about same-sex marriage. If national attention was what he was hoping to gain, boy did he get it!

Miss California
, did not answer his question the way he had assumed that she would. In fact, from his position on the topic of legalizing same-sex marriage - Carrie Prejean committed blasphemy!

Excuse me... all she did, was respectfully as requested, "No Offense" intended -state her personal opinion. And that is when all H - E double toothpicks broke loose! That judge and his friends have now decided that this is a perfect platform for them to zero in on their new definition of HATE SPEECH; conservative opinion that is contrary to liberal opinion, behavior and causes.

Sorry, but I've raised five children, and I KNOW a tantrum when I see one. When a spoiled "child" wants their way and is finding it difficult to obtain -- it suddenly becomes the fault of anyone in their path; and what they are doing to block the way. The child never stops to think that perhaps what they want, is NOT best -- and that is WHY a good parent declines the request - in opposition to their very unattractive behavior.

In my opinion - Carrie Prejean is one WELL-BEHAVED WOMAN! I am proud to stand by Miss California as the announcement has just come out of Washington that she will join the GOOD cause to Defend Traditional Marriage on a NATIONAL level!

NOM Launches "No Offense" Religious Liberty Ad Campaign!

Miss California To Campaign Against Gay Marriage

Kathryn Skaggs

Update: Here's a great follow-up story on Carrie Prejean "Miss California Keeps Her Crown Against ALL Odds!"

What Mormons Teach About Life Before Birth And The Purpose of Life

This is a beautiful two part series of videos, explaining in a very simple format - WHAT Mormons believe about our life before we were born, the purpose for the creation of this world -- and our reason for being here.

Two of the great questions that most people will ask themselves, at some point in their lives are... WHY AM I HERE and WHERE DID I COME FROM? Modern revelation teaches us that we had our beginnings eternities before we were ever born here upon this earth. There is an eternal purpose for our need to experience life in a telestial or fallen world.

Most importantly, is that God has a Plan, for each one of us. He provided a Savior, so that we might have the opportunity to grow through our experiences upon this earth -- knowing that we would sin. His Plan, is to bring us back into His presence, once again. Jesus Christ, through his atonement, has made it possible for us to be cleansed of the sins of this world and ultimately receive ALL that the Father has prepared for His children, who love Him.



God Does Have A Plan For YOU!

Finding God In The World Today...

Kathryn Skaggs

Thank you to Mike Batie, at Latter-day Truth, for these lovely videos.

179th LDS General Conference - Video Highlights

Not sure if you've ever had this experience before, but I have... Whether I'm chatting on Facebook, Twitter or writing a post here, or on Hubpages -- at the mention of our bi-annual LDS General Conference of the Church, I always seem to get a few questions asking to know a little bit more about it.

If you happen to be LDS and are also on Twitter, then you know that there were a lot of us using the hash tag #ldsconf over our last General Conference weekend. I had more than a few of my followers who are not Mormon, commenting on my frequent tweeting and what I was up to...

It was a great opportunity to have those small conversations about the Church, with others - that we are encouraged to have. I even "accidentally" started responding to these inquiries that had nothing to do with the actual #ldsconf - and some of my friends were then followed by LDS members who thought they were Mormon,too! LOL

However, after I apologized for using the hash tag to respond - these awesome folks didn't seem to mind at all. I suppose if they are willing to follow a gal who goes by the name of @LdsNana, they are not going to mind having other members following them as well.

I'm excited to "tweet" the link to this particular video, which highlights some of the important counsel given by Living Prophets today, in our most recent General Conference. It's really pretty cool that LDS media is using the short YouTube platform for distributing great information about the Church. I love posting these online -- whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc... or actually blogging about them.

I'm sure many of you are aware of how quickly the last Mormon Messages video went viral --and that had everything to do with you and I. Like I said, it's by small and simple things that we can accomplish MORE GOOD, online. Won't you join me and share this great video, WHEREVER you can!

Highlights of 179th General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints

Kathryn Skaggs

My Very Own Yummy Homemade Rolls

So I'm just testing this new feature out here on Blogger, that allows me to email a picture, or update my blog with a new post via my iphone. Pretty cool, eh?

I know, you're probably wondering why I took a picture of these rolls, right? Well, I actually posted the recipe for these easy homemade rolls over on The LDS GrandParent Place a few months ago. However - as odd as this may seem to you, I didn't already have my own picture of the rolls, and so I cheated. Crazy, I know!

I actually posted a stock photo of who knows whose rolls they were - on my blog. Am I bad? I didn't think so at the time, but when a few of my own children read the post and looked at the rolls - they IMMEDIATELY detected that these were not "Grandma Skaggs' Homemade Rolls"! In fact - the current picture over there is a FAKE!

I knew right then, that I would need to actually take a picture of the actual rolls, produced from the actual recipe -- if I were to keep my integrity intact. Soooo, this past Sunday, which happened to be Easter - I made a batch of rolls and decided to grab my iphone and snap a shot. Actually, I felt pretty silly doing it - but felt it was mandatory! But hey - the picture turned our pretty good. Don't you think?

Kathryn Skaggs

Social Media - By Small And Simple Things!

I've been utilizing various means of Social Media for nearly two years now, to help share the gospel, on the Internet. I really enjoy it! I write on Hubpages. I Twitter. I have a profile on Facebook. I Mixx. I Digg. I'm on FriendFeed. I Stumble. I blog. I could go on and on...

I get really excited when I hear that something that I have been involved with, is actually noticed by the big guys in Salt Lake. You know what I mean, right? Folks like the LDS Newsroom, Mormon Times and Deseret News - just to name a few. Some of you might remember the first talk that Elder Ballard gave, where his now famous talk at the BYU Hawaii graduation -- about getting involved online, and sharing the gospel through "small conversations" was given. The few of us that were already out there DOING IT -- totally shouted for joy! Am I right? It was a great day!

Since then, the momentum has really picked up - and more and more average members of the Church, just like me - are out there doing it, too.

Thinking back to about two years ago, prior to all the amazing upgrades to official LDS websites, such as and - there really wasn't a whole lot of tools to help members accomplish this great effort. Since then, the Church has really stepped things up. I now feel bad, that I ever murmured about the lack of credible information to access, online.

The LDS Church is really starting to get the hang of Social Media. You can find an official presence on Twitter, Facebook and even YouTube! And speaking of YouTube and videos - what has prompted this particular blog post is the HOT NEWS that a recent video distributed through the LDS Newsroom and Mormon Messages (their YouTube channel) has hit the TOP OF THE CHARTS for viral videos, just over this last weekend.

HOT VIDEO: An Apostle's Easter Thoughts on Christ

Traffic began to build immediately. Mormons spontaneously posted the YouTube video on Facebook, discussed it on Twitter and sent it by e-mail to thousands of others, including their friends. By Saturday, the number of views passed 100,000 and kept climbing. By Sunday, it was noted as the number 1 video in the Internet “nonprofit” category in Brazil, India and other countries.

Now, how COOL is that? And all it took, was me and you - sharing around just a little bit. I can't help but think of the scripture... that by small and simple things, shall great things be brought to pass! (paraphrased) But it is TRUE! The more you and I do our part to share what the Church is doing so well -- the MORE influence for GOOD that we can have on the Internet. That's our job you know:-)

Read the full story over at the LDS Newsroom Mormon Apostle's Easter Message Becomes Top Viral Video

Kathryn Skaggs