It's time for this social media pioneer to move along...

Over the last few days it's become apparent that many people have the mistaken idea that I represent the LDS Church, online, because I have been extended, by invitation, media credentials to cover LDS General Conference from inside the press room at the LDS General Conference Center during the live broadcasts. So, let me clarify by saying as directly as I know how to say it: 

I do not, in anyway, represent The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in any official capacity, nor have I ever stated that I do. The opinions and information which I write about, or share, here on this blog emanate completely from my personal views and desire to share various aspect and events of the Mormon faith, and only from the perspective of a member of the LDS Church and nothing more. And in no way do I claim to speak on behalf of the LDS Church or for other members of the Church. I am solely responsible for what I post here on this blog and what I say elsewhere and would never want anyone to think otherwise.

With that said, and perhaps where some of the misunderstanding comes from, is that I consistently write in support of direction and counsel given by LDS Church leaders and uphold the doctrine of the Church, relentlessly, without opposition.

With that purpose at the core of what I do, online, I am a loyal follower and distributor of a good amount of content, which is posted on,, the Mormon Newsroom, etc. But in no way in doing these things does the LDS Church have anything to do with it, other than my responding to a general call to every member of the Church to engage in the same activity; albeit, I am more obsessive than many. However, I act 100% independent in doing so. 

Coupled with that foundation, I admittedly have a bold voice in opposing some of the opposition to what I personally find contrary to the Church, and its leaders, advocated online associated with controversial social issues.

Some considers me a social media "pioneer" among members of the LDS faith in the area of sharing the gospel online. And although I would never have thought to describe myself in those terms, initially, along with many other members who blazed the trail right alongside of me I now accept the designation, with enthusiasm, and hope to continue encouraging others to get involved.

Today, I see this chapter of my life, as an interesting and exciting facet of my own personal history, which is also part of the history of the LDS Church in launching its social media presence online. Anyone who understands the concept of how social media works know it's all about sharing from one person to the next, digitally. This is something I was actively not only doing, independently, but also working hard to encourage others to do, too, at that time.

In looking back, it shouldn't seem odd that when social media, in general, began to be recognized as a powerful way to broadcast a message that the "Online News Media" department of LDS Church Public Affairs would utilize the new media. Who better to engage than a member who was already successfully using it? So, they reached out and extended the invitation to me to sit in the media room during General Conference along side of other media outlets without giving any direction as to what I should do or say, nor have they ever.

 I was so surprised (and honored), by the invitation and after discussing it with my husband, I graciously accepted. For us, it has been an offering to the Lord each time, as we've paid for all transportation and lodging requirements necessary for me to travel from California to Utah every six months for the past two and a half years. And throughout this entire journey has been the ever faithful #TwitterStake!

I want to publicly thank LDS Church Public Affairs for extending the initial invitation and for allowing me to continue to sit in the media room over the last few years. It has been a wonderful time of my life and a tremendous personal blessing, which I shall always treasure. Each and every conference has been a thrilling experience in witnessing, firsthand, the work of salvation as it rolls forward.

However, after much prayer and consideration not wanting to have any confusion with what I write here on WBMW being misconstrued as representative of the official LDS Church and my great respect for the work of the Church online, I have decided it is best to discontinue broadcasting General Conference from the LDS Conference Center. 

As with all pioneers, it's time to move along and forge my way toward the next frontier. And besides, I really miss General Conference weekends with my family, our traditional cinnamon rolls, and tweeting in my PJs!

Kathryn Skaggs

Frozen: My Response to Outrageous Reaction

One time, when I received a strong negative reaction to a blog post I had written, a friend (a liberal Mormon at that, which made it all the better), hoping to minimize the situation and cheer me up said: "Haters gonna hate, Kathryn". 

I think about that little phrase from time-to-time, and use it to shake off the dust and get back up on the horse. If the truth be known, I have my own agenda

If there's one thing I'm constantly reminded of, it's that the online world changes at a faster pace than any other medium, and generally because of that, we can resume normal operations relatively quickly. 

The fact of the matter is, when I sit down to write, the subject isn't something I just randomly select to drive traffic to my blog. At least not for this blogger - it never has been. Although I suppose if I monetized A Well-Behave Mormon Women I might think differently. 

Rather, I feel compelled to share something of worth with my readers, and nine times out of ten it's likely to have something to do with my religious faith - which I value tremendously. My personal beliefs, are at the foundation of who I am, how I live, and what I have to say. 

For me, writing a meaningful piece is work. It requires the ability to discern whether I've got the stuff to make a point in a way that people will listen, because it matters; and I don't take that lightly. Perhaps it might be a bit sloppy on occasion, although I don't mean for it to be. But hey, that's what you get when you read a 54-year-old grandmother's blog, who married at age 18 and never went to college. I have a husband with integrity and five beautiful children (yes, one is a lesbian, whom I love deeply) to show for it. Also, three intelligent son-in-laws, one precious daughter-in-law, and currently 11 fantastic grandchildren. 

Now, about those "haters" who tend to form in groups, travel together, and meet-up on similar issues, research suggests that it may not be so easy for them to stop their hating. The Washington Post's, Sarah Kliff, reports:

Frozen: Not Gonna "Let It Go" When Movie Advocates Gay Agenda

The gay agenda to normalize homosexuality is woven into Disney's movie Frozen not just as an underlying message - it is the movie. In a liberal culture tenacious at normalizing immorality, stripping those of faith from their ability to speak out in opposition, this needs to be taken seriously. It's one thing that we've all donated to the cause by making Frozen a record-breaking hit at the box office (myself included), but that's as far it's going, for me, personally.

I wrote the main body of this post nearly three months ago, after I watched Frozen with most of my grandchildren. Since then, I've had a few discussions with friends and family about the movie prior to deciding to publish it, with little support for my findings. That, and watching Frozen receive more and more accolades including many from trusted resources and observing the ongoing rise in the movie's popularity without significant challenge. 

And finally, this, from the LDS community, the last straw, watched over 10 million times since it was posted on YouTube, February 13th.

Video: Alex Boyé - Frozen - Let it Go

If you are seriously clueless as to what I'm talking about then it is imperative, particularly for morally minded parents, that you read this post and open your eyes to the homosexual agenda and the principles advanced to promote it that undergird Frozen, which is why it was written for Broadway and will indubitably be a hit - mark my words!

Have you seen the video with four-year-old twins singing "Let It Go"- near perfect? With the help of media outlets such as The Huffington Post (not clueless) and (hopefully clueless), mainstream media is helping to advocate Frozen's message by jumping on the popularity bandwagon. While most watching this video likely found it adorable I shed tears.

Video: An Innocent Child Sings "Let it Go"

In the making of Disney's movie Frozen it is apparent that the very best talent within the industry was called upon for every facet of producing and bringing it to the big screen: illustrators; animators; writers; composers; singing artist; actors; etc., in order to woo its intended audience, parents, into a frozen-state, which would then allow liberalism to indoctrinate children.

The fact is that not one of us would allow a person, contrary to our values, to come into our homes and teach our family many of the principles advocated in the movie Frozen such as rebellion/disobedience as good. Yet when the same element cunningly creates a medium within to share the same doctrine, which intensely overwhelms the senses, we are blinded and rather than put on glasses we allow ourselves to be mesmerized by the overall experience focusing only on the good that we see, or perceive, highlighted for our viewing pleasure.

However, as light and dark or fear and faith cannot exist in the same space, good and evil do here in mortality. Therefore, we must be wise - especially parents. When good is used to advance evil we must reject it and state why if we desire to be light.

When mainstream society comes to the point where it celebrates that which is contrary to the commandments, taught in a movie presumably made for children, by awarding it the highest accolades within its culture and good parents don't perceive it but rather endorse it unwittingly we are in serious trouble. And you can bet that those we have to thank are laughing themselves all the way to the bank while mocking the religious ignorant.

Entertainment, with all of its mediums, has more power than just about anything else to effectively indoctrinate and influence society negatively and among the most vulnerable of its victims are children. 

To Christian parents, who don't support the legalization of SSM, or the normalization of same-sex sexual behavior oppositional to God, I feel strongly that we must become more aware of how liberal media advocate these messages. It is often accomplished through infiltrating mainstream channels with the specific attitudes and ideologies necessary to advance these practices as progressive within mainstream society.

If good parents fail to accept that progressivism is strongly behind the entertainment industry then we risk being, unknowingly, undermined as parents. Coupled with the power of media and social media to advance much of what is contrary to Christian values, by brilliantly marketing their message as popular, inviting our aid as Christians, we also fail society.

If you feel you've been duped by the surface story of the movie Frozen try not to feel too bad. The way in which Frozen wraps up the false doctrine perpetuated throughout the film is as skillfully done as I have ever seen it, which makes calling it out and not being labeled crazy difficult. Nevertheless, after months of vacillating over whether I wanted to share my thoughts broadly, with a bit of encouragement from only one friend, I've finally decided to just do it regardless of the high approval ratings for the movie, which most are insistent to retain.

Are we okay with memorializing through accolades something that advocates what is clearly oppositional to God because it is perfectly packaged?

Ironically, I've seen Frozen three times. Not because I necessarily wanted to but because I had three sets of grandchildren who I committed to take to see the movie when it initially came out. And as it worked out it was at different times and places. I won't deny, either, that I enjoyed watching the movie every single time for a number of reasons. It actually gave me a good opportunity to confirm my initial reaction and in so doing I could blatantly see that the homosexual agenda to normalize the practice was not simply an underlying message in the movie Frozen but is the actual story.

The process of normalizing homosexual behavior in society is going to require more than the liberal media saying it is so (which they do all the time) or activist judges legalizing same-sex marriage in one state after another. It's going to require the indoctrination of our children in order to lead their generation to the next, necessary, level of mainstream social acceptance.

Remember, that in today's liberal society allowing almost anything, even legalizing it, in the name of "love" trumps sin - it's that powerful of an ideology. And that my friends is exactly what Disney is selling your children while you unknowingly standby and watch.

I know what some think, because I questioned myself initially and I've heard it multiple times when even lightly expressing my feelings about the movie with others. You think that I've read way too much into it because I'm sensitive to homosexual issues or perhaps a bit paranoid. I get that seeing as I've written about homosexuality, same-sex marriage and preserving traditional marriage frequently here on WBMW. 

But stay with me... If you've seen the movie you should be able to recognize what I'm talking about and hopefully begin to make the connection and perhaps see others I don't go into here.

It was during the first time I watched Frozen that the plot/subplot burst out at me and right through what most everyone else was mesmerized by (music, animation, etc.), and actually stunned me, causing me to question the impression, and try to move past it.  But, what I clearly came to realize, was that I was watching a completely different movie than what was visually dancing across the screen in all of its made-for-the-stage splendor. It was surreal. I knew this, immediately. It was like being in two places, experiencing two vastly different movies, that were visually identical. When I left the theater that evening, I was quiet with my response, knowing that if I shared my experience it would immediately be minimized. 

I felt confident in that moment, as I still do, and you can mark my words: when Frozen goes to Broadway it will break records and be among the biggest hits of all time! 

I have no problem with those who find the homosexual messaging good, or important for society, from their perspective. However, I'm not okay that too many parents, who would not normally support the normalization of homosexual behavior, seem to be completely blind to its advocacy throughout a children's movie, and are in fact gushing over Frozen. I just don't believe that with full disclosure they would feel to continue. And yet, I also acknowledge the beauty, used in every facet of the movie, which has captivated, or rather frozen audiences, everywhere. 

Sidebar: Let me be very clear about one thing, I am not anti-gay nor am I here to judge homosexuals not worthy of their rightful and respectful place among society. However, I draw the line at the idea of redefining traditional marriage to include homosexual relationships, as equal. Meaning, that as a Christian, I believe that acting on same-sex attraction is contrary to God's will, and therefore SSM should not be legalized. Because I hold this value and voice it freely, does not mean that I am trying to force it on anyone - anymore than those who feel opposite and advocate for their position intend to force SSM on me, personally - both have the right [to freely advocate an oppositional position] and should not be demonized, regardless of where society takes us, as a whole.

With that said, here is a brief summary of only 'some' of the gay messaging found in the movie Frozen, intended to advocate the homosexual agenda to legalize same-sex marriage and normalize the practice: 

FamilySearch: Plan to Put World's Historical Records Online in One Generation!

The 2014 RootsTech family history conference, the largest of its kind in the U.S. begins this week in Salt Lake City, Utah. And if you’re anything like me, lagging in the area of getting on top of your own genealogy, you might want to join me in rethinking the need to step up and make a show on behalf of the tremendous work, about to embark, what it intends to accomplish, and get involved! 

The Mormon Newsroom reports that, cosponsors of the genealogy conference, will present to attendees the exciting details about how bringing together the combined efforts of, findmypast and MyHeritage they intend to accomplish the unprecedented and previously impossible goal of one lifetime: "to make available 5.3 billion historical records from around the world, such as birth, death and census records" in approximately 20-30 years. This is HUGE!

FamilySearch has created an infographic (below) to share the statistics driving this collaborative effort. In my own ward, on Sunday, family history was emphasized in tandem with the work of salvation. As I sat there, listening intently to my bishop, I was struck with the impression of why, perhaps, this emphasis is critical, now!

Today, as social science is presented by liberal progressive to legitimize the deconstruction of marriage, only between man and woman, thus the breakdown of the natural family, we find ourselves in a public debate of eternal significance: the importance of biology and the necessity, or not, of a child being raised by both biological parents; the mother and the father. On the other hand, as members of the LDS Church, we uphold the doctrine of the family, taught in The Family: A Proclamation to the World, in which it states:

THE FAMILY is ordained of God. Marriage between man and woman is essential to His eternal plan. Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony, and to be reared by a father and a mother who honor marital vows with complete fidelity.

The increasing, global interest in identifying one's family roots, is evidence of the deep importance that individuals have to know who they are. And they do that, by searching to find out who they are biologically related to and where those biological connections lead them. From the LDS perspective, we see this as a fulfillment of, the hearts of the children being turned to their fathers, evidence of the Spirit of Elijah, as prophesied in holy scripture.